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AISI 304 SS balls
Such balls use the most extensive raw material and can be used for medical equipment, chemical, aviation, aerospace, plastics, metal, perfume bottles, sprayers, valves, nail polish, motors, switches, electric irons, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, herbal medicine, automobiles accessories, bearings, instruments, bottles,etc.
Typical representatives of the Austenitic steel, generally non-magnetic and magnetic, Hardness can be HRC ≤ 26. Offer very good rust and corrosion performance.

AISI 316 SS balls
AISI 316 stainless steel ball is a relatively high demand products, usually used in special industries such as medical equipments, chemicals, aviation, aerospace, perfume bottles, sprayers, valves, nail polish, body jewelry, mobile phone panels,etc.
Austenitic steel is the most high-grade steel balls, HRC ≤ 26, the most suitable anticorrosion requirements of higher industry and the performance is superior to 304 stainless steel ball.

AISI 316L SS balls
Compared with other SS balls, such balls are more softer and more ductile, it is usually used for body jewelry.

AISI420 SS balls
Application areas:
Such steel ball usually used in industry required high precision and anti-rust Performance like motorcycle accessories, pulleys, stainless steel bearings, plastic bearings,crafts, valves, etc.
Behalf of the Martensitic steel, magnetic, offer good rust resistance, high hardness. HRC 50-55.

AISI440C SS balls
Application areas:
Such SS balls are usually used in industries like aviation, aerospace,bearings, motors, high precision instruments, valves, oil, precision and anti-rust performance.
Microstructure of a martensitic steel, the production process requires higher and the heat treatment process is more complicated, easy to crack, and the high accuracy requirements, is the most hard ball in a stainless steel. HRC ≧ 58. Hardness close to the bearing steel ball, but than the former has more rust and corrosion performance.