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Low-carbon steel balls

AISI 1010/1015 low carbon steel balls usually used in bicycle, caster,
drawer slides, bearings, or grinding other media, it can be high
Hardness(Hardened balls) or soft steel balls(unhardened balls,black or flashed after polishing).

Regards as the raw material it usually corresponding to China's steel grades Q195, Q235, etc.

Such low carbon steel balls have magnetic, usually use oil-based packaging,it can be galvanized, nickel plated, chrome plated,gold-plated etc. upon our clients requests.

Low-carbon steel balls
Material details C Mn Si P S
0.10-0.15% 0.30-0.60% 0.10-0.40% Max 0.045%Max 0.045%Max
Mechanical behavior Tensile Strength Density Yield strength
53,000 psi 0.284 lbs/cu in 44,000 psi
Size range 2~ 38.1mm(2-1/2")
Hardness HRC60 min
Grade G100~G1000
Physical properties No Corrosion resistance
Application Moderate loads and allow rotating parts,for example:castors, conveyors, roller skates, drawer slides, seat slides, bicycles, etc.
1010 10 S9CK CK10
Case Depth Ball Diameter Case Depth Ball Diameter Case Depth
2.0-3.0mm 0.5mm 9.5-11.0mm 1.4mm
3.1-4.5mm 0.6mm 11.1-12.5mm 1.7mm
4.6-5.5mm 0.8mm 12.6-14.0mm 1.8mm
5.6-6.5mm 0.9mm 14.1-19.0mm 1.9mm
6.6-9.5mm 1.1mm 19.1-38.0mm 2.0mm